Storybook JS: 'Cannot GET /'

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (152 words) programming web javascript storybook react

When you run storybook locally, you might encounter the error 'Cannot GET /' when browsing to localhost:6006. (Continue reading)

Reduce a large JSON object down to only what you need

· Reading time: ~3 minute(s) (440 words) programming javascript json web

Sometimes you need to use an API that returns a large payload, but you may only need to use a small number of fields from that payload. Rather than try storing that data, or hand-balling the data yourself, there is an alternative solution. (Continue reading)

Stop your font sizes differing between Landscape and Portrait mode on iOS

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (57 words) programming css web ios

Have you ever had the problem where you're styling some content but when you rotate the device to change between landscape and portrait modes on an iOS device, the font size changes? (Continue reading)

View Hugo served content on another device on network

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (190 words) blog gohugo.io web

When you want to view content served by a locally running instance of Hugo on another device, you have to specify a few extra things... (Continue reading)