How I Built My Custom Hugo Pagination

· Reading time: ~6 minute(s) (1093 words) blog programming gohugo.io

I've been planning on improving the pagination control for my blog for some time, but it always seemed a bigger job than I really wanted to work on in my spare time, but I was wrong. (Continue reading)

View Hugo served content on another device on network

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (190 words) blog gohugo.io web

When you want to view content served by a locally running instance of Hugo on another device, you have to specify a few extra things... (Continue reading)

New site using Hugo

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (173 words) gohugo.io site

I've been looking for a while at various blogging engines for my website and came across Hugo which is a static page generator. (Continue reading)