Laggy mouse on Raspberry Pi (Model 1b)

A few weeks ago I installed the latest (at the time) version of Raspbian onto a 4Gb SD Card thinking that I’d see whether it was worthwhile updating my main SD card or not. I gave it a quick run and while it seemed quicker, the mouse was quite laggy as if the cursor was moving through treacle. After a quick search, I came across a report on the RaspberryPi Github where someone else was having the exact same problem where the mouse was moving “in slow motion”. To fix it, they did a kernel update on the Pi by doing:

sudo rpi-update

and then once it was complete, I edited the


file to add the following as the penultimate item (although I don’t think the position of it really matters):


Once I had done that, I rebooted the Pi and the mouse issue was sorted!

For reference, I have the TeckNet X500 which isn’t a bad keyboard, but the touchpad takes a little getting used to. Plus, there’s no back-slash ‘' key once it’s set up to the UK format (the keyboard is actually in US format) which disappointing, but not a deal breaker at that price.