I’ve had the XPS 15 for a few weeks now (well, actually it’s only a fortnight off 2 months!), and I’m still very impressed with it as a full package. The build quality is excellent, it doesn’t flex at all if you hold it by a corner when it’s open. The keyboard took a little getting used to, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly and my typing speed is increasing every time I use it. The adaptive resolution that Windows 8 introduced (so you get a decent sized text on additional screens even if different sizes/resolutions) is good, but a little frustrating. I use 1080p on a 15.6" Dell laptop at work and I think the high resolution of the XPS meant I was losing screen real estate which is a big no-no in my eyes. I’ve since disabled it and set it to 125% scaling across the board which increases the sizes sufficiently to see (although the font on the Wordpress post edit box is a bit on the small size), but gives me the real estate boost I was hoping for. All in all, I couldn’t be happier. As nice as they are, a MacBook Pro wouldn’t have satisfied my needs (I wanted native Windows for Visual Studio). And the hardware is exactly what I was after (a 4th generation i7, 8Gb+ RAM, 256Gb+ SSD, 1080p+ resolution, around 2kg in weight) at a very similar price to an equivalent* MBP.

*I know, a windows laptop cannot be said to be an equivalent to a MacBook Pro, but you know what I mean :)