Twice recently I’ve reinstalled Windows 7 on a machine, only for Windows Update to fail when checking for updates. On both machines it gave an error 8007000E.

The first machine (belonging to my nephew), I couldn’t fix, so left it with him with automatic updates enabled in the hope it’ll fix itself.

The second machine is this Samsung netbook. As it’s already had me over a barrel, it won’t do me over again! So onto the Internets I went… I’m not alone here, as there’s no shortage of machines in a similar situation. But luckily, Henk Hoogendoorn has blogged about it over at and suggested that it needs a further Windows Update and a cheeky config change to get it to work.

Watch this space! As it’s on an Atom CPU, it could take some time!

Update: 14/03/16

It worked! The netbook happily went through the update process and found 151 updates… which took about a day to install. I guess that’s the influence of the Atom CPU ;)