Connection problems in Visual Studio 2013

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Since installing Update 2 on the work laptop, I've been unable to check for available updates through the Tools > Extensions & Updates screen as it always timed out. (Continue reading)

Sony Vaio C2M/W, Lubuntu 14.04 and a new battery

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (311 words) techsupport linux

The genuine battery died a few months back on the "bricktop" (a Sony Vaio C2M/W), and with the hard drive starting to click, I just dumped it on the side and gave up with it... (Continue reading)

Installing a Canon 350D on Windows 7 x64

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (421 words) photography techsupport

I have a Canon 350D which I was struggling to download the photos from onto the computer since upgrading it to Windows 7 64-bit. (Continue reading)

Raspberry Pi on a 19" Widescreen (16:10) LCD Monitor

· Reading time: ~3 minute(s) (440 words) raspberrypi

Earlier today I booked places for me and my son on a Raspberry Pi day in Manchester and then realised I might struggle to get the TV there as it's pretty heavy, plus I doubt we'd be allowed it on a bus! Luckily, we still have the 19" widescreen from the old living room PC, so I looked at using that instead. (Continue reading)

Raspberry Pi & Hannspree 37" TV

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (355 words) raspberrypi

I was lucky enough at Christmas for my wife to surprise me with a Raspberry Pi. I've wanted one for some time but never got around to actually ordering one. (Continue reading)

Windows XP and it's poor effort of an "Automatic Updates" service

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So it's the end of a long Sunday which started later than expected (Continue reading)

Fresh install of Adobe CS3 but no updates available?

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We're not able to continually upgrade our Creative Suite version every time a new one comes out, so we're still on CS3. (Continue reading)

New Site

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So I finally got around to sorting out my page. (Continue reading)