How I Built My Custom Hugo Pagination

· Reading time: ~6 minute(s) (1093 words) blog programming

I've been planning on improving the pagination control for my blog for some time, but it always seemed a bigger job than I really wanted to work on in my spare time, but I was wrong. (Continue reading)

View Hugo served content on another device on network

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (190 words) blog web

When you want to view content served by a locally running instance of Hugo on another device, you have to specify a few extra things... (Continue reading)

Debugging a dotnetcore application hosted in a local IIS server

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (153 words) programming visualstudio dotnet core

When debugging a dotnet framework application that is hosted in a local IIS server, you would usually identify the w3wp.exe instance running the Application Pool and attach your Visual Studio instance to it... (Continue reading)

Moq - Setup Mock method specifying parameters of type

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (255 words) csharp programming testing moq

When working on my GameBrowser project this evening, I wanted to verify that a method setup on a mock object had been called when a property of the parameter object was a particular value. (Continue reading)

Creating a Terraria server in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4B

· Reading time: ~7 minute(s) (1367 words) gaming docker infrastructure

After much difficulty, I've finally figured out how to get a Terraria server running in Docker on my Raspberry Pi 4B... (Continue reading)

Convert JavaScript Number to Number Array

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (89 words) programming javascript

I had a number which I wanted converting into an array where each digit of the number was an item in the array. I tried a few different ways of doing this but always ended up with a string array which wasn't what I wanted. (Continue reading)

The imported project ".../Microsoft.WebApplication.targets" was not found

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (253 words) programming visualstudio

We have an existing web application project at work which was failing to open in Visual Studio 2019 with the following error... (Continue reading)

Hosting Umbraco 7 on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

· Reading time: ~7 minute(s) (1419 words) programming umbraco aws

Previously at work, our marketing websites were all designed up front, with copy provided by our colleagues in Marketing and then the pages were generated by the development teams... (Continue reading)