Basic Setup for React Projects in 2020

· Reading time: ~7 minute(s) (1447 words) programming javascript react

I’ve seen a lot of people using project initialisation tools to create their new React projects over the years, in particular create-react-app. While I do see there are some benefits to these tools (in particular for newcomers), these tools do have their disadvantages. I cloned a repository the other day which was using create-react-app, and an npm i installed over 2000 packages! This is a hell of a lot to download just to be able to run some code locally. (Continue reading)

How I Built My Custom Hugo Pagination

· Reading time: ~6 minute(s) (1093 words) blog programming

I've been planning on improving the pagination control for my blog for some time, but it always seemed a bigger job than I really wanted to work on in my spare time, but I was wrong. (Continue reading)

View Hugo served content on another device on network

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (190 words) blog web

When you want to view content served by a locally running instance of Hugo on another device, you have to specify a few extra things... (Continue reading)

Debugging a dotnetcore application hosted in a local IIS server

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (153 words) programming visualstudio dotnet core

When debugging a dotnet framework application that is hosted in a local IIS server, you would usually identify the w3wp.exe instance running the Application Pool and attach your Visual Studio instance to it... (Continue reading)

Moq - Setup Mock method specifying parameters of type

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (255 words) csharp programming testing moq

When working on my GameBrowser project this evening, I wanted to verify that a method setup on a mock object had been called when a property of the parameter object was a particular value. (Continue reading)

Creating a Terraria server in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4B

· Reading time: ~7 minute(s) (1367 words) gaming docker infrastructure

After much difficulty, I've finally figured out how to get a Terraria server running in Docker on my Raspberry Pi 4B... (Continue reading)

Convert JavaScript Number to Number Array

· Reading time: ~1 minute(s) (89 words) programming javascript

I had a number which I wanted converting into an array where each digit of the number was an item in the array. I tried a few different ways of doing this but always ended up with a string array which wasn't what I wanted. (Continue reading)

The imported project ".../Microsoft.WebApplication.targets" was not found

· Reading time: ~2 minute(s) (253 words) programming visualstudio

We have an existing web application project at work which was failing to open in Visual Studio 2019 with the following error... (Continue reading)