I’ve been looking for a while at various blogging engines for my website and came across Hugo which is a static page generator.

The bonus of this is that I don’t have a demand on any SQL databases, nor do I have to remember a password every time I want to update the site. Unfortunately, this does mean I’m tied to a computer for updating the page all the time. I’ll see if I can find a way around that though if I get chance :)

I’ve gone through and manually translated my previous blog content to Markdown, so it’s given me the opportunity to get familiar with the syntax. So far, so good! (It’s a good job I’ve been so lazy at keeping the site updated isn’t it?!)

I’ve selected a basic theme for the time being until I get a bit of time to look at making my own theme (or finding a different one), but this one is pretty clean so I may just tweak it a bit, who knows.