Hi, I’m Jon.

I’m a Software Developer using C#, JavaScript (including React and Redux).

I started out creating mini utilities in MS Access (hey, that’s all I had access to in work at the time!) to make my work easier back in the mid 2000s before becoming a VB6 developer in 2007.

Outside of work, I’m married and a Dad of 4.

I enjoy cycling, and try to get out for a ride when I can. I used to commute by bike to work, but since changing jobs in 2018, I’ve found the bus much easier so I’m yet to get on the bike for the commute.

I also drive a car, and often watch a variety of car programmes on TV.

I try to help out on StackOverflow when I get some free time which is pretty difficult for C# questions, as nobody’s quicker at responding than Jon Skeet ;)

Other than all that, I like to play video games. Nowadays, my preferences are Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4, or Quake Live on the PC. I had a misspent youth on Quake 2, 3, Unreal Tournament and CounterStrike.

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