Hi, I’m Jon.

I’m a Software Developer, primarily using JavaScript and C#. I’ve started doing a bit of TypeScript recently, and I know a bit of Python from tinkering with a Raspberry Pi, but that’s as far as I got.

I started out creating mini utilities in MS Access (hey, that’s all I had access to in work at the time!) to make my work easier back in the mid 2000s before officially becoming a developer in 2007 working with VB6.

Outside of work, I’m married and a Dad of 4.

Like most developers, I’m a bit of a tech nerd. I like to see what I can make with things. I have a selection of Raspberry Pis, I actually have a Raspberry Pi 4b running as a home server with a few bits and pieces on. I’ve got a few of these projects in GitHub to share with others.

I enjoy cycling, and try to get out for a ride when I can. I used to commute by bike to work, but since changing jobs in 2018, I’ve found the bus much easier so I’m yet to get on the bike for the commute. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I’ve had a mix of cycling outside (to replace the commute), and since bought an Echelon bike (like a Peloton, but not a Peloton) so I can try to keep some element of fitness considering I’m in a fairly sedentary job.

I drive a car when I need to, and enjoy watching a variety of car programmes on TV. I tell myself that one day we’ll move to a house with a garage and I’ll start a project in my spare time. I guess time will tell on that one though.

Other than all that, I like to play video games. My games of choice are usually some sort of car racing game, or FPS games on PC. Despite my misspent youth on the Quake, Unreal Tournament and CounterStrike, my son usually beats me without even trying these days!

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